When should I arrive in camp?

Hunters flying to Winnipeg should plan on arriving the day before the hunt begins, rent a car, and drive to either Dauphin Manitoba, or Swan River Manitoba. Hunters driving up should hit those destination towns the evening preceding the begin of the hunt. Spend the night in one of the two places and plan on being in Swan River for noon on the Sunday. Stores open at noon, which allows groceries to be purchased and the last 1/2 hour drive north to be completed with plenty of time to prepare for the evening hunt. DO NOT arrive before noon on Sunday as there is numerous things for staff to do in the 24 hours between hunter groups.

What kind of food should I bring?

Stickflingers provides freezers and a small fridge to keep food in for the week. Hunters can utilize their coolers transitioning food from freezer to thawed and then use the same cooler to transport bears or meat home in at the end of the week. A large 3 burner propane stove, propane grill, microwave, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, as well as all pots, pans, cutlery, and cleaning supplies is provided by Stickflingers. All condiments, coffee, tea, milk, creamer, drinking water and all salts/spices needed are already in camp. Hunters should only plan on bringing the main food required along with any snacks they prefer. There is electricity and running water in camp.

What kind of clothes and sleeping bag do I need?

Hunters should pack for weather similar to an Elk hunting trip with warm days and cool/cold nights. A set of rain gear is nice in wet weather as well as a wind barrier while on ATV’s. It can get below freezing some nights so bringing a warm sleeping bag is beneficial. Rubber boots are not required but something waterproof is a good idea.

Is there Cell service in camp?

Yes, and at some of the baits!

Should I bring salt for the bear hide?

No. Salts do not allow the hide to freeze properly and due to having electricity and deep freezes it is the preferred method of hide and meat care.

How bad are the bugs?

The bugs have not been much of an issue with Thermacells being more than enough to handle the load. It cools off enough at night that bugs are not an issue.

Is there fishing available?

Fishing is the responsibility of the hunter, as well as license purchase and cleaning. Hunters in camp have had good luck fishing from shore for Walleye and Northern Pike, and can be directed to areas of preference.

What should I tip my guide?

Always an awkward question but clearly something the industry involves. Tipping should be based on satisfaction of efforts put forward and amounts determined by the hunter. The average tip for 2018 was $311.



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