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Stickflingers…..Manitoba Bowhunts, is a small outfit with a quality hunt being the main focus. We offer a “no frills” approach putting our resources into what matters most……The hunt! Although we love bowhunting as a whole, we specialize in traditional bowhunts and everything involved with getting extra close to our quarry. We are offering a six day hunt (sun-fri) for 8-12 hunters a week over the course of three weeks. Each hunter will have the opportunity to hunt multiple stands for varying conditions. We provide transportation upon arrival to camp and all services related to the hunt.No guns, no crossbows, no exceptions! *** (text 204-797-8773 to ask about our new all weapons camp)***

Hunters will stay in wall tents while in camp outfitted with cots, stoves, raised floors, and generator powered lights. A hot shower is provided as well as common areas and a dining enclosure. Cooking facilities are provided along with cutlery and dishes but meals are the responsibility of the client.

A local taxidermist will be used for hunters wanting specialty game services (salting, tanning, taxidermy). It will be the responsibilty of the client to cover these costs.

Although it is the clients responsibility to get to camp, it does allow “Stickflingers” to offer 6 days of hunting instead of five due to the reduced travel.

2022 Prices (US Funds)

$3300.00 (plus 5% tax)

$250 tag and $100 allocation fee.

$1000 non-refundable deposit holds the hunt. (due at the time of booking…balance March 1st of hunt year or spot is forfeited)

*Wounding policy*- once an animal has been shot, every effort will be taken to recover that animal. Regardless of outcome, the hunt will be considered complete. This policy is in place to ensure that previous weeks of hunters have not greatly reduced future hunters opportunities.

Gratuities…Stickflingers staff will accept gratuities as it is not built into wages. Amounts or percentages is up to the discretion of the hunter as is whether or not it is warranted.

*prices subject to change for years beyond 2022*

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